Businesses have the freedom to choose between the two chains, while still being able to run battle-tested Bitcoin ABC software.

After the Bitcoin Cash chain split, which is now guaranteed to take place on November 15, businesses can follow both chains using Bitcoin ABC software.

Businesses wanting to follow BCHA, a chain that will fund network development predictably from the block reward, should run Bitcoin ABC 0.22.6 (BCHA network), or any previous 0.22.x version.

Businesses wanting to follow BCHN, a chain that will fund network development from donations, should run the BCHN edition of our software: Bitcoin ABC 0.22.6 (BCHN network).

This gives businesses the freedom to choose between the two chains, while still being able to run battle-tested Bitcoin…

What we achieved with our funds last month.

Every month, we share a transparency report so stakeholders sponsoring the work done by Bitcoin ABC can see how their funds are being used. In September, we released three new versions of our software, shared a detailed framework for the upcoming Global Network Council, and helped businesses start preparing for the Bitcoin Cash network upgrade.

With the prospect of stable funding in our future, we also started expanding the Bitcoin ABC team. We recruited three more software developers in September, with one joining the team last month and the other two joining in October. …

How miners, exchanges, and other businesses can make sure the next Bitcoin Cash network upgrade goes smoothly.

As the Bitcoin Cash network upgrade fast approaches, several businesses have been reaching out to our team for technical advice and support.

We want to make sure all businesses know the facts, so we created this simple guide to help you cut through the noise and make an informed decision on how best to prepare for the network upgrade.

A summary of the situation

What’s happening?

On November 15, Bitcoin Cash will undergo its next network upgrade. After the upgrade, Bitcoin ABC software will continue to be fully compatible with the Bitcoin Cash protocol, whereas alternative node implementations will become BCH-incompatible.

What do businesses need…

How stakeholders will shape the future development of Bitcoin Cash infrastructure.

Last week, we announced that major stakeholders can join the Global Network Council to decide which infrastructure projects will be financed through the new coinbase rule.

Today, we’re excited to share the framework for that new governance model. There’s a lot of information so we’ve added plenty of headers to make reading easier!

Purpose and principles

What is it?

The Global Network Council is a new system of governance that invites key stakeholders to decide which Bitcoin Cash infrastructure projects should be funded. It revolves around the fund raised from each block reward through the new coinbase rule.

As members of the Global Network Council, major…

Announcing the Global Network Council

On November 15th, 2020, a new chapter in the history of Bitcoin will begin. With the introduction of the new coinbase rule, the reference software implementation team for a Bitcoin network will be assured sustainable funding to accomplish the vision first articulated by Satoshi Nakamoto: the creation of a peer-to-peer electronic cash system at global scale. This funding, derived from a portion of new coins created in each newly discovered block, is not reliant upon the whims of venture capitalists, billionaire gambling moguls, or the continued goodwill donations of major miners and holders. …

On November 15th, 2020, the Bitcoin Cash network will undergo its scheduled biannual upgrade. One of the improvements implemented in the upgrade is a coinbase rule requiring a set percentage of each new block reward to be placed into a fund. The purpose of this fund is to ensure sustainable funding for the crucial infrastructure development and maintenance that will allow Bitcoin Cash to fulfill its roadmap and become peer-to-peer electronic cash at global scale.

While some portion of the funds will be dedicated to supporting work on the Bitcoin ABC codebase, we recognize that Bitcoin Cash, through the efforts…

A feature freeze is now in place and reliable funding means more business capabilities are coming soon.

We’re on a mission to develop Bitcoin Cash into sound money for the world. The next milestone in that mission takes place in November when two new features — ASERT DAA and a coinbase rule — will go live during the network upgrade.

A feature freeze is now in place and release 0.22.0, which contains the new features, is available to download. Remember you need to download and deploy this new release before November 15, 2020 so you can keep your business running smoothly. For more details, click here.

作者:Amaury Séchet

Bitcoin ABC全节点软件,在预定于2020年11月15日进行的比特币现金网络升级计划中,将有两项主要改进。 第一个改进是对“难度调整算法”的更改。 针对这一急需的改进,为了给生态系统中的开发者提供最有效的途径,Bitcoin ABC将实施由Jonathan Toomin和Mark Lundeberg提出,并得到大量比特币现金全节点支持的aserti3–2d(ASERT)算法。 第二个改进是添加了新的Coinbase规则。

维持无需许可、高度抗审查的网络,需要负责维护关键功能的人员动机与网络的安全性相统一。中本聪(Satoshi Nakamoto)特意把比特币设计成,系统的安全性主要由参与者的激励来保障。在比特币白皮书的激励部分,中本聪指出:比特币的安全模型,要求破坏该系统的参与者也将破坏其自身财富的有效性。根据这一原理,最大化确保网络可持续安全性的系统,就是挖矿节点应用的开发者直接从他们打造、维护的软件挖矿所产生的区块奖励中获得收入。这样的安排可确保这些开发者在做出损害网络总体价值和有效性的决策时,冒着即刻损失自身财富的风险。相反,开发者将因增加网络整体价值的决策而获得奖励。 Bitcoin ABC软件在11月的升级,将有一套Coinbase规则,即:把Bitcoin ABC的动机与网络的可持续性、安全性完全结合起来。

新规则的添加,代表着重要的一步。这一步是经过反复考量的。多年来,尝试了不少替代方案。这些替代方案造成的后果是:节点应用在财务上,过度依赖强大的利益集团,例如挖矿企业、风险投资基金和天使投资人。 这种财务上的依赖,对网络的长期安全性构成了威胁。 这种威胁表现为开发者动机的错位,使这些开发者的当前动机与未来的比特币人相冲突,后者需要一个自由和开放的网络。

比特币是自愿、自由市场的基础。 当中本聪(Satoshi Nakamoto)在白皮书中,强调“节点可以随意离开或重新加入网络”时,他将比特币定位为基于自愿行动的系统。 竞争和消费者选择,是实现全球点对点、高度抗审查网络的终极目标的关键。比特币现金,在存在的绝大部分时间内,缺乏Bitcoin ABC之外的可用的挖矿应用替代方案。 而在最近几个月内,已经出现了这种替代方案。 这使Bitcoin ABC可以做出急需的改进,而可能更喜欢其他规则的矿工则可以自由选择可行的替代应用。

尽管有些人可能更希望Bitcoin ABC不会实施这个改进,但此声明并非邀请辩论。 该决定已经做出,并将于11月的升级中激活。 代码将在代码冻结期前公开。一如既往,我们欢迎社区开发者为代码改进和bug修复做出贡献。


The health of the Bitcoin Cash network is central to the Bitcoin ABC mission. We take very seriously our responsibility to ensure the safety and security of the BCH network.

It is for this reason that we deploy network consensus changes in a careful manner, well ahead of time.

This allows Bitcoin Cash businesses and other projects time to upgrade and test the new version before going into production.

The Infrastructure Funding Plan

The Infrastructure Funding Plan (IFP) is a project that aims to direct a percentage of Bitcoin Cash block rewards from all BCH blocks produced for a term of 6 months to…

The full node development team is raising USD$3.3 million to scale Bitcoin Cash over the next year

Bitcoin ABC, the preeminent Bitcoin Cash $BCH protocol development team, is launching its 2020 fundraiser at

The team is focused on scaling Bitcoin Cash to serve billions of daily users as “censorship-resistant peer-to-peer electronic cash for the world.”

Bitcoin ABC aims to raise USD$3.3 million, or about 14,500 BCH, to fund its operations through the end of April 2021. The team is offering several methods of funding, including: individual, small business and corporate sponsorships; funding buckets for specific development projects; and direct donations.

“Bitcoin ABC has proven to be a team capable of delivering software that‘s fulfilling enterprise-level standards,”…

Bitcoin ABC

Bitcoin ABC leads eCash protocol development, on the mission to build global electronic cash.

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